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About Chef Danielle

With over 15 years of hospitality and foodservice expertise, Chef Danielle is proud to deliver the ultimate dining experience to Cheshire. Danielle is inspired by the desire to disrupt the high-end restaurant industry. That inspiration has pushed her to create a space that blurs the line between the kitchen and dining room with tasting counter dinners, interactive cooking classes, and prepared meals.


Supper Club

NewBrook Kitchen is an intimate and unique dining experience that blends classic culinary techniques with modern touches. Newbrook Kitchen is the destination for accessible upscale dining that is perfect for a special occasion, a date night, or just the celebration of life through food. Chef Danielle and her team welcome a limited number of diners to the tasting counter to indulge in a six-course tasting meal composed of small plates bursting with big flavors. Newbrook Kitchen is designed to provide a social evening with an open kitchen where diners can watch their food being prepared, plated, and then presented.


The restaurant's name, Newbrook Kitchen, is an ode to Chef Danielle's Grandfather, Larry, whose business of the same name was prominent in New York City in the era of the "Madmen". The restaurant aims to bring the vibes of the mid century modern jazz clubs, restaurants, and bars of that era to Cheshire. 

Newbrook Kitchen strips away the rigid formalities of high end dining and focuses on locality,

quality of food, and attentive service. Join us for an unparalleled experience filled with laughter, joy,

and unmatched cuisine. 

Interactive Cooking Classes

Newbrook Kitchen is the destination for interactive and unique cooking classes. Chefs of all levels will work together to cook their way through culturally diverse menus exploring new flavors and techniques, all while meeting new friends and making memories. After the food is prepared, guests will sit down at the tasting counter and enjoy their creations!

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